nonna urban eatery: Delicious Dining in Old Town Scottsdale Written by Nancy (CSW) Published on November 19, 2017 One of the first things we do when planning a trip to another city, even if it is a location we travel to frequently, is search for new restaurants. Eating good food and drinking good wine is important to us, especially when we travel and cannot cook for ourselves or reach into our own wine cellar. If we find a good restaurant with an interesting wine list we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot. That was the case recently when we discovered nona urban

NONNA IS THE ITALIAN WORD FOR GRANDMOTHER. THE FULL EXPRESSION OF LOVE IS THROUGH THE FOOD COOKED BY GRANDMOTHERS. From Humble Beginnings Tucked away in an unsuspecting corner of Main Street, Nonna Urban Eatery doesn’t have the bustling activity or loud music typical of Scottsdale restaurants. But that’s because it’s not like most spots in Old Town. With a quiet demeanor and simple décor, Nonna feels warm and welcoming from the first foot in the door. It’s not a large place- in fact, it’s quite small with only a few tables spread out and stools lining the bar. But small and intimate

With a strong Mediterranean influence consistently on the menu, it’s no surprise that Nonna has a special love for Sicily and it’s rich and vibrant history of fresh farm grown foods. Roasted eggplant, carefully handmade pastas, and succulent fresh fish frequently grace the tables, and with a dedication to fresh ingredients and creative pasta bowls, it’s easy to see the seaside influences of the small island. It’s not difficult to share their love of the Sicilian influence, however, nothing begs a deeper appreciation of good food like knowing its history -rooted in love, culture, and respectful cultivation of the land. The origins of